Homestay Systems - Automated Emails

In any business, you often find yourself sending very similar emails to customers. In the rental business, those emails often need to include information from the customer's booking. It's a boring job and it's easy to make mistakes. At best, mistakes make you look unprofessional and might cost you a recommendation. At worst, mistakes can be very costly.

The system contains a lot of data that you often want to include in an email, so it makes sense to be able to merge that information with standard templates.

This is not intended as a full featured email system. You no doubt have your own favourite email system and it would not make sense to have a full email client inside a product like this. However, even if you don't actually send emails from the system, you might still use the template merge functions.

Once a booking has been saved with an email address, the Send Email toolbar button appears on the booking. When you click on it, you can select a Template, and information from the booking is then merged into that Template. You can then edit the subject and text of the email and send it straight to the client.


In this example, several items of information from the booking have been merged to form a complete message, which can then be used to copy and paste to your external email system, or sent directly using the Send button.


The trick here is that templates can contain variables, like %T_NAME% for the client name.